Ikon Pass Holders Can Now Purchase Spot Pass Protection

March 14, 2022

How Ikon Pass and Spot Insurance are fundamentally changing the mountain experience for millions of riders across the US.

What is Spot Pass Protection?

Ski trips are a blast, but planning them can be stressful—not to mention pricey. That’s why we partnered with Ikon Pass to provide riders with Spot Pass Protection—a brand new benefit that eases the financial strain of having to cancel a season pass when life throws a curveball.

And it’s not too late to add this extra benefit to your mountain too. Read on to learn how.

How Does it Work?

Spot Pass Protection provides reimbursement for prepaid Ikon Passes and other associated and non-refundable costs, like prepaid lift tickets, in the event that pass holders won’t be able to use their Ikon Pass for the season due to unforeseen events like injury, sickness, and more.

What is Covered?

  • Pass holder’s family member's death, sickness, or injury  
  • Pass holder's primary place of residence is made uninhabitable due to a natural disaster, vandalism, or burglary
  • Pass holder has been terminated or laid off from their employment

Who Can Purchase Pass Protection?

Spot Pass Protection is a benefit offered exclusively to Ikon Pass holders.

Interested in Partnering with Spot?

Great news! Spot Injury Insurance and Pass Protection can be added as a benefit to your ski resort’s season passes and daily lift tickets. Join Ikon Pass, Telluride, Alterra Mountain Co., Powder Mountain, and many more premier organizations in the ski industry that have already partnered with Spot.

Ready to chat? Awesome, fill out the form below!

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